Nomination is a sign of Fran’s success

Fran Rolfe teaching a baby signing class
Fran Rolfe teaching a baby signing class

A mum who teaches tots to communicate through signing has been nominated for an award for the third year in a row.

Fran Rolfe, who runs TinyTalk classes in Arlesey, Campton and Broom, has been put forward for the Most Outstanding Activity Leader for Under Fives category in the International What’s On 4 Junior Awards, 2014.

Fran, who lives in Clifton and whose own children learned to sign, has helped hundreds of babies and young children to develop their verbal skills through her signing classes.

She said: “I have been teaching babies to communicate since 2007 and have seen over 600 families attend my classes in that time. It is an incredible gift to give communication to a pre-verbal baby. And it is amazing what very young babies want to tell their parents.

“A baby’s first sign is often something they are most interested in. I have had children sign ‘bird’, ‘food’, ‘drink’, and ‘nappy’ among others as their first sign, but the most common first sign is of course ‘milk’!”

Fran was put forward for the award by the parents of the children she teaches.

She added: “Both my children came to my classes and were exceptional signers, and now at ages seven and five years they are still remarkable communicators, loving learning other languages.

“I now teach todder classes as well as baby classes to help toddlers transition from signing into speech, and every week I see how signing does improve a child’s spoken language, as well as bridge the 18 month gap between their understanding being developed and their ability to communicate back to parents. This results in happier, less frustrated babies and toddlers.

“My mums love the classes, but they are more than just learning to sign and singing songs; the support we all give each other makes for a very special community feel to the classes, and mums make friendships which last long 
after their children have grown up.”

Having been nominated it is all down to votes now; so if you would like to support Fran you can vote online at

If you would like to find out more about Fran’s classes you can visit or or call her on 01462 850115.

Classes restart on April 28 after an Easter break.