Old fashioned way of scaring birds

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Students combined fun and fundraising when they created their own scarecrows.

Each class at Burgoyne Middle School in Potton made a scarecrow on Thursday, October 11. In the afternoon they displayed the humanoids in the school grounds and invited their parents to view them. Class 6G created the winning scarecrow.

The Year 7 children also cooked carrot and tomato soup, which they sold to the parents.

All of the money went to Cord, a charity that provides solar cookers for women and families in refuge camps in Chad in Africa.

This saves the women from having to walk a long way to find firewood, often being attacked in the process.

Students also had a harvest festival in St Mary’s Church in Potton. They brought in food and coins.

The money was added to the Cord collection while the food went to a women’s refuge in Bedford.