Paper swans will be a fly away wedding hit

Looking for that extra special something for your big day?

Bush Qureshi, senior art director for Biggleswade hair salon, Hoopers of London, is putting his creative talents to the test by making origami swans.

Bush Qureshi

Bush Qureshi

They come in all sizes and colours with different accessories according to the occasion, including a snazzy bride and groom pair complete with a veil, pearls and a top hat.

Bush said: “I used to do square page origami when my daughter was little and I’d make flowers, flapping birds and things like that but I stopped for a while.

“Before Christmas I came across someone who had made a swan and I thought I’d make one.”

Creating a swan is a very time consuming process with each one taking around 10 hours to produce.

They are entirely made from small pieces of paper, eight from each sheet of A4. Each has to then be folded into a strong triangle before it can put together with others to create the swan shape.

Bush said: “You’ve got to have a lot of patience for it. Most of the birds are made up of about 500 pieces and the folding is very time consuming. It takes four to five hours to fold the paper.

“I recommend you have a lot of films to watch if you are planning on doing it!”

Bush makes each swan to order, using different coloured paper and a variety of accessories as requested.

The swan’s origami pieces are almost all slotted together although occasionally parts are glued.

This means that they cannot be posted to customers, unless the they specifically request for every piece to be glued on.

The swans can be used for weddings or other special occasions. Handily a photo or name card can be positioned in the bird’s beak.

And the back works as a small basket for such items as sweets or flowers.

Bush is also working on other designs such as a stork for new babies and Chinese dragons.

To find out more about Bush’s origami visit his website at or follow the Twitter account at @MyCards4U

The guide prices for the swans are from £10 for the smallest to £55 for the most complicated.

As they take so long to make Bush needs around four months’ notice for orders to ensure they are ready.

To watch a video of Bush explaining how he makes the swans visit