Penny fights a fear of spiders with her tarantula challenge

Penny Beddard-Walsh
Penny Beddard-Walsh

A fear of spiders was no obstacle for one fundraiser.

Arachnophobe Penny Beddard-Walsh decided to really challenge herself by holding a tarantula at the Japanese Koi Company in Henlow.

She raised £300 to split between stillbirth and neonatal death charity, Sands, and Bedford Hospital’s Butterfly Suite. Both helped her daughter Lauren Setchell of Biggleswade and her son-in-law, Laurence, after their son Riley was stillborn at five and a half months.

Penny said: “It was a bit nerve-wracking I have to admit. The gentleman at the koi carp company was fantastic and it wasn’t too bad really once I’d actually got him on my hand.

“He didn’t run around which was the bit I was worried about. I let him climb as far as my elbow.”

Penny held the tarantula for around 15 minutes – but she says this hasn’t cured her fear of house spiders!

She thanks everyone who supported her on the day.