£600,000 for pothole repairs

More than half a million pounds is set to be spent on fixing potholes in Central Beds.

Central Beds Council has been awarded a share of £168million of government funding allocated to pothole and highway repairs.

It will receive £592,075 to be spent by March 2015, part of which will be spent on a speedy new repair technique with the rest going towards prevention of potholes.

Cllr Brian Spurr, the executive member for sustainable communities, said: “This extra funding is great news for Central Bedfordshire. We’ve already invested heavily in the road network ourselves, which has showed in recent figures placing Central Bedfordshire’s roads as the best in our region and among the best in the country. But we all know that potholes crop up and this money will go a long way to sorting them out.”

He added: “We will spend roughly a third of the money on a new repair technique called the Velocity Patcher. This is a quick and efficient pothole repair machine which will allow us to do more work for the same amount of money. It effectively ‘blows’ a repair material into the pothole, which makes the process much quicker and can therefore allow more to be completed per shift.

“The remaining two thirds of the money will be spent on preventing potholes from occurring. When we’re called out to repair a dangerous pothole we’ll also repair any other minor potholes within 10 metres of it even if they don’t meet the criteria for a repair. This approach reduces the rate the roads deteriorate and cuts down repeat visits.

“When we have more detail about locations we will publish this information on our website, but of course we will use the funding to get the best possible value for residents and keep people on the move.”

The announcement comes just as the council has refreshed its highways webpages where people can report potholes quickly and easily whenever they like.

The webpages - www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/highways - give residents the latest news and performance of our highways service, help them check our plans for the future of highways, roads and pavements and report problems and request highways services. Residents can also sign up for email updates at www.
centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/updates to have news delivered directly to their inbox.

The council is required to publish quarterly updates so residents can see how many repairs have been carried out.