Precept rise due to no council grant says the mayor

Pound coins
Pound coins

A town council will be raising its council tax.

At a meeting on Monday Sandy Town Council confirmed that its total annual precept for 2014/15 will be set at £455,704.

The average Band D tax payer in Sandy will face an annual bill of £120.62 compared with last year’s figure of £105.76; a weekly increase of 28p per week.

In 2013 the town council’s total precept was set at £398,491 but the council also received a Council Tax Support Grant allocation of £42,378 from the government which was given to Central Beds Council.

The town council pointed out that money from the grant was intended to compensate town and parish councils for the reduction of the tax base caused by council tax benefit reform. CBC said it could not afford to pass on any of the grant.

Sandy mayor Councillor Susan Sutton said “We had hoped to set a precept with a modest increase close to the rate of inflation but we have had to make up for this 10 per cent reduction in our income imposed on us from above.

CBC leaves us no choice but to make a larger increase. We are a small organisation with limited resources and our scope for making further savings is very restricted.”