Pupils taught in an outstanding middle school


A middle school has been graded as ‘outstanding’ in all areas.

Robert Bloomfield Academy in Shefford was visited by Ofsted at the end of June and it has received a glowing report.

Pupils are making excellent progress in English and mathematics.

The report says: “The quality of teaching is consistently good with much that is outstanding.

“The impact of this high quality teaching can be seen in the quality of students’ work in their books and in their positive attitudes towards learning.

“They arrive promptly for lessons, are orderly and respectful and share excellent relationships with staff.”

Students have “a thirst for knowledge and approach learning with real 

Leadership at the school is outstanding, the inspectors said, and senior leaders have an accurate picture of the academy’s strengths and the few areas that need development.

Behaviour is excellent and the children feel safe. They are polite and 

Additionally, “the academy offers its students an exciting range of subjects and enrichments choices, giving all students the opportunity to extend their education.”