Rape victim’s housing hell

Kegan Hearn
Kegan Hearn

A rape victim says she is no longer capable of living alone after two years of misery at her housing association flat.

Kegan Hearn is moving out of her bpha housing association flat in Langford, claiming that the organisation has failed to address ongoing problems she has had at the property.

She has since developed agoraphobia and depression, and was already suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The organisation says it would like to work with Kegan on the problems but that staff have had problems making contact with her.

The 21-year-old was moved to the property by police two years ago after she was raped in her home town of Dunstable.

But since she moved she has had continuous problems with mould, unreliable central heating and faulty windows.

She has also been harassed by a villager who she says sent her intimidating letters and has stared at her through the windows.

Kegan, who is now moving in with her mother Joanna in west Mid Beds, said: “There have been problems from the day I moved in.

“The windows did not have handles on them, the floorboards were coming up and there was mould everywhere.

“The boiler is also faulty so I have not had central heating a lot of the time.”

After a difficult start to life in the flat, things became worse when a person nearby took an unhealthy interest in 

She said: “He sent me letters and then he started staring at me through the windows all the time.”

Kegan says she reported all of the problems to the organisation but she claims nothing has been done.

She added: “I find it difficult to go outside alone now.

“After two years it has all become too much for me so I am now going to live with my mum.”

Marie Taylor, head of housing management at bpha, said: “We have the systems and policies in place to resolve any complaints that our tenants might have.

“While we have had some difficulty in getting in touch with Miss Hearn, we are keen to work with her to resolve the problems that she is experiencing.”