Budget carrier offers jet-set luxury at Luton Airport

EasyJet is hoping to take a slice of the private jet market.

The low-cost carrier announced that its passengers can now use an exclusive terminal at Luton Airport if they are willing to pay up to eight times its average air fare.

The service, which costs as much as £475, will enable customers to use an executive lounge away from the main airport terminal and be driven to or from the aircraft in a luxury car.

EasyJet insists there is demand for such a product after commissioning research which found that its typical passengers are more likely to shop at Waitrose than Asda.

An airline spokesman said: " You see people with their Louis Vuitton luggage queuing up for an easyJet flight, who you know are then going to stay in a five-star hotel."

The private jet terminal is operated by Signature Flight Support and easyJet will earn a commission for bookings.

The airline's chief executive, Dame Carolyn McCall, said it was "constantly looking for new revenue streams".

She said: "There are many passengers that just don't want to go through the hassle of the airport experience and by doing this you avoid the airport experience."

Luton Airport has been carrying out a £110 million improvement project since January last year, which has caused disruption for some passengers.

Dame Carolyn said: "They've been very ambitious about what they've done as a programme, and there's no question it has been quite difficult for passengers over the past 18 months.

"But I don't think (the private jet terminal service) is about the airport. I think it's about a particular kind of experience and a particular kind of passenger who wants something completely different and they want to pay for it."

Although the service costs up to £475 for one passenger, the fee is reduced to £120 for additional travellers in a group and p romotional offers are expected to be released.

Luton is Britain's busiest airports for private jets with around a quarter of all such flights in the UK.

It was used by the England football team returning from their away match against France on Tuesday and celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and Lewis Hamilton have been spotted at the airport.

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