Robotic designs for creme egg competition

The challenge
The challenge

Clever upper school students have triumphed in a sweet toothed competition.

The teenagers from Samuel Whitbread Academy in Clifton attended a science, technology, engineering and maths challenge day in Ampthill.

The competition, organised and run by security, defence and aerospace firm, Lockheed Martin UK, took place on Friday, May 2.

Groups of students from different schools had to conjure up innovative ways to transport six creme eggs using five robotic arms, which they had to build first.

The best school groups were then judged by graduates and interns working on the programme – and the Samuel Whitbread students came in first place.

Lockheed Martin’s engineering director, Mandy Savage, said: “This has been an excellent opportunity to educate and excite young people about potential careers in engineering.

“The enthusiasm from the students throughout the challenge has been fantastic.

“By engaging students in creative, fun and stimulating activities such as this technology box challenge our objective is to help inspire the next generation of young British engineering talent to help address a critical national need.”