Romanian Victor had car wash job


The first Romanian to enter Britain under new EU rules was reportedly working at a car wash in Chronicle Country.

National media reported earlier this week that Victor Spirescu, 29, was employed at the car wash close to Aldi in Foundry Lane, Biggleswade.

But later reports claimed that he has now left the business – after his boss became sick of receiving constant phone calls from reporters.

Victor was welcomed by senior Labour MP and chairman of the home affairs select committee Keith Vaz when he arrived at Luton Airport on New Year’s Day.

He travelled from Transylvania but would not have expected to be having coffee with Mr Vaz – surrounded by TV cameras and microphones – within minutes of touching down in the UK.

He was one of a tiny handful of Romanians on board Wizz Air flight W63701 from Târgu Mures.

Construction worker Victor was travelling with his friend Julian Barbat, a wild boar hunter.

On arrival Victor said he had already secured a job at the car wash and that he was looking forward to starting, but he would be looking for other work.

He had landed the job through a friend and his boss would be arranging accommodation for him, he said.

He also told reporters that he has come to the UK to work because he loves to work.

Victor had also stayed in Germany for two months previously, he said.

He had chosen to move to the UK though as he could not speak German but he does speak some English.