Singer to donate all profits to charity after losing mum

Will Mak will donate all profits from his latest single to charity. PIC: Arron Leppard
Will Mak will donate all profits from his latest single to charity. PIC: Arron Leppard

A Potton singer is donating all the profit from his latest 
single to charity.

Will Mak, whose mum 
recently died from cancer, will give the money to Cancer Research UK.

The single, Rainbow Day, is available to download on iTunes.

Will said: “Rainbow Day is a life-affirming electro-pop anthem, an encouragement that sometimes it’s as we dig in and persevere through the storms of life, that we can see the technicolour beauty, hope and light beyond them.”

Will compares himself to John Legend. He writes all his own material and performs with a keyboard and can be found in locations across 

He said: “I started off with piano lessons at eight-years-old, and while my brother and sister weren’t keen on piano, I for some reason took to it like a duck to water!”

He has gigged for five years, clocking up over 250 solo performances.

His highlights have been playing at Party on Potton in front of 500 people and playing at Sunfest in St Neots in front of 200 people.

“I would like to be right at the heart of the mainstream music industry, creating, recording and performing glorious and soulful pop music,” said Will on his ambitions.

“For me, pop is not a dirty word, but a huge challenge to relish – to write a great, catchy, timeless pop song takes a bit of inspiration and a whole load of perspiration.”

In 2012, he released his debut album, Run This Race, which was an eclectic collection which documented different phases of Will’s song writing through the years.

Adrian Phelan, a London music critic and live promoter, said: “It’s difficult to imagine you’ve ever heard better as you relish in Will’s talent.”

He has previously won awards including the 
music prize in the Tomorrow’s People awards for excellence in his field of endeavour and showing great future potential.

Will has various ways he goes about writing his songs and says inspiration can hit him at any point.

He said: “Sometimes it’s as simple as sitting down at the piano and jamming and 
seeing what grabs you or leaps out at you”

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