Six arrests after police swoop on rave

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Six people have been arrested after police stopped a rave in the early hours of Sunday morning (March 2).

Officers raided a barn in Meppershall at around 2.30am after a 1,000-strong crowd was seen gathering in a farmer’s field in Stondon Road.

Police managed to intercept a van which was carrying a generator and audio equipment.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance as well as drugs offences.

Revellers forced their way into a grain barn – causing up to £100,000 worth of grain to become contaminated – and managed to start a generator which allowed music to be played.

Officers served Section 59 notices to a number of people which resulted in the rave being brought to a stop shortly after 2.30am, while the site was emptied by 4pm.

An 18 year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply while two further people were arrested for possession offences.

One man has been issued with a summons in relation to the Proceeds of Crime Act after he had approximately £2,500 seized while two people were issued summons in relation to criminal damage.

A total of 14 fixed penalty notices were issued for traffic offences and one offence has been recorded under the Medicines Act (sale of nitrous oxide).

Inspector Russ Glenister said: “The key to interrupting raves is early intervention and the fact that we were able to stop a substantial amount of audio equipment from reaching the site helped prevent this from becoming an unmanageable event.

“The location was in a dip and a long way from residential properties so disruption was kept to a minimum but as a result of the actions of those in attendance, up to £100,000 worth of grain has become contaminated.

“These ‘ravers’ may think that they aren’t causing issues but a farmer’s livelihood has been left at stake thanks to their actions.”