Slowing down town’s traffic


A new scheme will help to slow a town’s traffic.

On Saturday (March 22) a community safety road show was held in Potton as part of the quarterly Four Seasons Market.

Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins took the opportunity to support the launch of Potton Speed Watch.

He said that he and his policing team fully endorse the activities of local communities to take control of their streets to reduce the number of accidents linked to speeding. He said: “It is one of the chief anti-social activities that blights our communities and having Speed Watch releases our officers to deal with major crimes.”

Potton Town Councillor Ian Clements, the Speed Watch coordinator for Potton, said: “The biggest complaint we get from residents is the way people speed through our town.

“No longer will we put up with our streets being used as a racing circuit. Potton is an old town with streets built for horse and carts so motorists should enjoy the quaintness of the area, not endanger the lives of the people who choose to live here.

“Speed Watch is about education not prosecution. However, speeders can expect a letter from the police or even a knock at their door by an officer.”

The safety roadshow also included a display from the fire brigade in which children enjoyed climbing into the fire engine and sounding the siren.

Among other exhibits were Neighbourhood Watch, Trading Standards and the Neighbourhood Policing Tea.

To join the Speed Watch team email potton.speed