Tales of wildlife all year round


An author’s new book covers his experiences with wildlife in all seasons.

Tim Sharrock’s book, Wildlife Through the Year, was originally serialised between 2002 and 2013 in the magazine, Bedfordshire County Life.

Tim, of Park Lane in Blunham, is already the author of a dozen books. The ornithologist has been observing and writing about wildlife for more than 60 years and his travels have taken him all over the world.

This book follows, season by season, his observations, discoveries , excitements and speculations.

It is divided into 50 bitesize chapters and there are also 52 wildlife themed puzzles and quizzes; one for every week of the year.

There is a foreword by renowned birder, Bill Oddie. He wrote: “Watching wildlife is of course about looking and listening but it is mainly about being aware.

“It helps to have a guide or a companion, an expert and a story teller. Tim Sharrock is perfect for the job.

“Read this book and then go and see for yourself.”

Tim was born in Devon but he has lived in Bedfordshire for the last 51 years.

Now retired, he worked at the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering, which was based at Wrest Park in Silsoe.

He was also the managing editor of the monthly journal, British Birds, for almost 25 years.

For many years he was the leader of birdwatching trips to places as far afield as New Zealand, Nepal and Morocco.

Wildlife Through the Year retails at £9.95.