The signs aren’t good for navigation here!

Viv Harper
Viv Harper

A lack of street signs in a new estate is causing widespread confusion, a homeowner has said.

Viv Harper has been living in Biggleswade’s Kings Reach estate for just seven months – but says the area can be a nightmare to navigate.

When a new road is completed there will often be a long delay before any signs are put up, she says – causing problems for residents and visitors alike.

Viv, of Mitchell Green said: “It can be difficult to find the right part of the estate in the first place, then when people do come here they will easily get lost.

“Many of the roads do not have signs and this can make finding your way around difficult.”

Visitors will often struggle too.

Viv, who works in publishing, added: “It is difficult for all visitors but especially for delivery drivers, who have a lot of difficulties.

“The estate is not sat nav friendly and you will often see vans driving around, struggling to get to the right address.

“I had to stand at the end of the road and wave when a nurse came to see me after I had come home from hospital following an operation.”

Viv has also asked about the availability of maps but was told that none have been printed.

A spokesman for the Kings Reach Consortium – comprising developers Taylor Wimpey and Martin Grant Homes – said: “The consortium has not received complaints about the installation of street name signs at Kings Reach to date.

“However, signage to the majority of occupied streets has been installed and those that have yet to be will be installed at the earliest opportunity.

“A street name plan is being produced and will be posted to residents as soon as it is available.”