Thief blamed victim for easy target of Kindle

Bedford Magistrates' Court.
Bedford Magistrates' Court.

A thief was caught red handed when he stole a Kindle.

Cameron Austin, 28, took the e-book reading device from an AA mechanic who was called out to Biggleswade Railway Station.

Austin, whose address is listed by the court as Biggleswade Road in Upper Caldecote, is currently in prison for another offence and will be staying in a YMCA once he is released.

On Tuesday, December 3 Mr Prentice parked at the station and left the £150 Kindle on his van’s dashboard.

Speaking at Bedford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (March 18), the prosecution said: “A lady came to speak to Mr Prentice. He now believes she was distracting him. The defendant went into his van and took the Kindle.

“When Mr Prentice confronted him he handed it back and said ‘you shouldn’t have left your window open.’”

Although the Kindle was returned the victim was still upset.

The defence explained that Austin has had no settled accommodation since he was a teenager but has been given a responsible job in prison and is taking courses to improve himself.

He was sentenced to a nine day custodial sentence to run and end concurrently with his current sentence, which is until later in March.