Changes ahead for our level crossings?


Level crossings across Chronicle Country could be closed.

Network Rail is currently undertaking a feasibility study into the closure of all level crossings between London and Doncaster.

This would include four in Langford, three in Biggleswade and two in 

And it will be holding public exhibitions to explain the proposals, as well as inviting feedback from residents.

On Saturday, July 12, teams will be in St Andrew’s Church Hall in Langford and Sandy Village Hall between 11am and 3pm.

There will be a further consultation event at St Andrew’s Church Hall in Langford on Wednesday, July 16 between 4pm and 8pm.

A report from Network Rail says: “Level crossings cause delays to trains, pedestrians and road users and are expensive to maintain and renew. Network Rail has taken steps to close many crossings across the network and is continually looking at ways to improve safety and reliability.”

It adds: “Delays at level crossings lead to increased journey times for highway users, which have a tangible economic cost.

“By removing crossings, Network Rail can seek to improve the local economy by delivering better connectivity.”

The company is currently considering a range of options for the level crossings in the area, with a baseline study being undertaken along with environmental risk assessment.

Options could range from closures and diversions to new replacement infrastructure such as bridges and underpasses.

The results of this month’s consultation will be used to guide the selection of preferred options, with a further round of consultations taking place in late 2014.

Construction could begin in 2018 at the earliest.

For full details of the proposals visit