Valentine’s Day wedding chaos

Gary Pitts and Stefanie Hulme
Gary Pitts and Stefanie Hulme

An engaged couple were devastated when their wedding venue cancelled their booking on Valentine’s Day.

Gary Pitts and Stefanie Hulme were due to be married at the Harpenden House Hotel on Thursday, April 17.

But they had a nasty surprise when a member of staff called just two months before the big day and told them the hotel will be closing down.

Gary, of Hawking Drive in Biggleswade, said: “I got a phone call at about 2pm on Friday to say that the hotel has been sold and therefore they are unavailable to do anything about the wedding.

“There was no apology and they said they would refund the deposit and that’s it.”

The venue was booked back in May last year.

Gary said he is now out of pocket, having had to alter his wedding bookings, and he is seeking compensation.

He added: “We had done all the arrangements and people had booked rooms.

“Then we suddenly found that virtually everything we’ve done was out of the window.”

The couple spent all weekend trying to find a new venue. They had to keep the date because their honeymoon in Egypt is already booked.

Fortunately Gary, 31, and Stephanie, 32, have managed to book Sopwell House in St Albans.

Gary said: “We are lucky that we’ve secured a venue. I couldn’t care less where it is so long as I do marry her but it’s her big day it’s important.”

A spokesman for Harpenden House Hotel said: “It is with regret that the hotel has announced its imminent closure.”