VIDEO: Bedford is the centre of US comedy debate

John Oliver The Late Show

John Oliver The Late Show

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Famous comedians John Oliver and Stephen Colbert picked through Bedford’s leisure calendar this week, on the hit programme The Late Show.

John, who is a former Mark Rutherford student, had his tongue firmly in his cheek as they discussed events such on a segment titled ‘Community Calendar, Bedford of Bedfordshire’.

He said: “I grew up in a town called Bedford. Not a big city, a town, but a scrappy town. Back it into a corner and it’ll chew your face off.”

Stephen had some trouble with Bedfordshire geography during the piece, referring to Bedford Borough as Bedfordington.

John replied “Fank you Stephen, that was nice. Real nice.”

But there was no trouble for the duo talking up Bedford’s social calendar, which they stressed were the “actual events that are taking place in Bedford”.

John Oliver

John Oliver

A talk on aircraft at Shuttleworth Aviation Museum was described as ideal for anyone “who’s ever wondered what if the aircraft announcement went on for a whole hour,” and a selection of spooky stories at the Millenium Country Park was pitched with “you know you’re in for a fright, because it happens at the most terrifying time of all - 11am on a Monday! The weekday witching hour.”

The debate on Bedford was prompted by speculation on what would happen if John was deported by the Trump administration which has taken a hard line on immigration.