Warning after park equipment injury


A mum is warning other parents to take care after her little girl was badly burned by play equipment.

Tracey Seward, of Station Road in Tempsford, was visiting the Sunderland Road park in Sandy on Sunday morning with her 15 month old daughter Daisy and young son.

She said: “On the way to the swings was a half pipe for skate boarding. My son was running up and down it and of course she followed him.

“She fell over on all fours but she was only down for a second before I picked her up.

“The skin on her knees began to blister within seconds so I took her to the doctor who said I should take her to hospital.

“All we wanted to do was pop to the park and we didn’t even get to the swings!”

Daisy had to have her burns dressed and return twice to the hospital for aftercare.

Tracey added: “It was just such a shock. What would it have been like if it had been later in the afternoon or on a hotter day?

“Obviously if you were skating you would be wearing protective clothing. I wouldn’t want to see them taken away and I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault, I just want other parents to be aware of how dangerous it could be.”