Water strategy will reduce the risk of flooding

PIC: Abigail Mackenzie
PIC: Abigail Mackenzie

A council’s strategy should help reduce the risk of surface water flooding.

Yesterday (Thursday, February 27) Central Beds Council’s sustainable communities overview and scrutiny committee discussed the adoption of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

This offers guidance as to how drainage systems should be constructed in new developments across the county.

The report, which was discussed by councillors, was written by Councillor Nigel Young, executive member for sustainable communities – strategic planning and economic development.

It says: “Implementation of SuDS within future development should reduce future flood risk within new developments and reduce the risk of new developments exacerbating surface water flood risk.

“This will promote developments that are more resilient to storm events and surface water flooding.”

According to the report nine per cent of homes in Central Beds and 34 per cent of business premises are located in areas that are susceptible to surface water flooding.

It adds: “In urban areas the ability for precipitation to penetrate the hard paved surfaces to the groundwater below is inhibited. This leads to increased surface water flood risk and overstressed sewer infrastructure.”

The document will now go to the executive committee.