Wedding bells for silver sweethearts

Ted and Mary Beard. PNL-140731-145221001

Ted and Mary Beard. PNL-140731-145221001

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A D-Day veteran has found love again at the age of 90. Ted Beard married Mary Brimm, 77, after a three year courtship at Biggleswade Registry Office.

Ted first came to Biggleswade with the Scottish Horse and was stationed at Stratton Park. And the couple previously met many years ago when Ted later served in the TA with Mary’s husband. Both long since widowed, they bumped into each other again at an old people’s club in Northfields, Biggleswade. The happy couple had a small wedding, after which they had a reception at The Green Man.

“It can be lonely when you get old but now we have found each other it’s lovely” said Mary.