Wheel puzzle over Arlesey cycle symbols

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A CYCLIST was puzzled to see bicycle symbols painted down the middle of the road where he lives.

Pete Hollands, who lives in Stotfold Road, Arlesey says that he cannot understand why Central Bedfordshire Council would want to encourage cyclists to use the centre of the road rather than the side.

He told the Chronicle: “I’m a fitness trainer and a keen cyclist myself so I’m always in favour of improving routes and access for bicycles.

“But these signs are very strange – some of the time there are cars parked on either side of the road so they don’t look too bad then.

“But when the road is empty it looks like the council wants people just to cycle down the middle of the road, which doesn’t seem very safe!”

Pete, 46, who has lived in the town for 21 years, believes access problems for Central Bedfordshire Council’s highways contractor Amey may have been behind the strange location of the symbols.

He added: “You tend to see cars parked at the sides of the road the most in the evenings, at night and early in the morning when people are back home from work.

“I think the workmen may have come here during those times and as they couldn’t move any of the vehicles they have just painted the symbols in the middle where there was space.”

Pete – who teaches traditional English martial arts as his Aisle O’var Backswording Clubbe and also works in television and films – welcomes the council’s encouragement of cycling.

He said: “The National Cycle Network Route 12 runs through this area and I think these symbols have been added to the road to bring more cyclists to the area.

“But it’s so strange to see them in the middle rather than at the side.”