Woolf admits lost control led to dog attack

Bedford Magistrates' Court
Bedford Magistrates' Court

A pack of dogs attacked a woman as she took a walk.

Victoria Millard was taking her own dog for a stroll in Moggerhanger when the dogs set upon both of them, magistrates heard on Tuesday.

Frances Woolf of Blunham Road in Moggerhanger pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog in a public place and causing injury. The attack occurred on a public footpath behind the Moggerhanger Park house on Friday, December 20.

The court’s duty prosecutor described how Ms Millard was walking her lurcher along the path at around 12.15pm. She saw five dogs running towards her “baring their teeth,” despite the fact that signs called for dogs to be on leads at all times.

Woolf shouted at Ms Millard to kick the dogs off but when she did so the animals started to bite her hands and scratch her. One of the dogs, a husky named Blue, bit Ms Millard’s dog, causing a wound.

Woolf then managed to regain control over the dogs and the police were called. Ms Millard was 20 weeks pregnant at the time.

The prosecution continued: “Ms Woolf said the complainant was starting to be frantic. Ms Woolf grabbed hold of the husky and she offered to pay the vets’ bills.”

The defence said that Woolf had been ill for many years. She said: “Ms Woolf can’t run so she takes the dogs to areas where she knows there aren’t people around and she lets them off their leads.

“She said she scoured the area but Ms Millard was behind a blind bend. She said normally she would be able to control all the dogs and they are well behaved. She accepts something spooked them.

“She shouted at them to stop but they didn’t appear to be listening. She believes Blue was the aggressor.”

Ms Millard tried to protect her own dog but this made it difficult for Woolf to regain control, she added.

Woolf accepted that she is not in a position to look after the dogs so she asked the RSPCA to take charge of two and another two, which she was looking after, were returned to their owners. She is left with a three month old poodle.

Woolf’s daughter has given Blue to an unknown new owner but a destruction order is being considered. The magistrates delayed sentencing until March to give time for the dog to be located.