Young creatives can take part in four Rotary contests


Youngsters can take part in four new Rotary competitions.

The first is the Young Photographer competition, and asks entrants to take pictures on the theme of ‘people’.

Entrants should submit a portfolio of three different prints, either colour or monochrome, no larger than A4 size, preferably printed on photographic paper, plus a digital copy which can be emailed.

A second contest, Young Artist is being run on the same theme, and entries should be no larger than A2 size.

The Young Writer competition invites youngsters to write a piece of prose on a single side of A4 paper on the topic ‘People: What a difference ... made to my/their lives’.

Entrants can choose their own character within the theme.

Young people will also be showing off their musical talents at a competition to be held at Biggleswade Academy on Wednesday.

For details of this competition please contact John Clements at john.

Anyone who would like to find out more details about any of the other competitions or who has any questions can contact Peter Dover at peter