Young engineers go back in time

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Young engineers at an academy have made a working model of medieval siege weaponry.

The trebuchet, mangonel and ballista were among the designs created by students at Robert Bloomfield Academy in Shefford.

A Roman soldier also visited the academy to talk to engineers in Year 8 about weaponry from the period.

The soldier showed students some examples of Roman period weaponry to demonstrate the advanced engineering that the Romans were capable of.

He also gave students a general insight into Roman history and engineering from the time.

Youngsters could ask questions about the two subjects.

More than 30 Year 7 students at the academy have also completed their Bikeability cycling proficiency certificates.

The students could enjoy riding their bikes while learning about the importance of keeping safe on the roads.

They were awarded Level 1 and 2 certificates after completing the course.

So far more than 250,000 young cyclists have been trained in Bikeability.

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