Bedfordshire bowlers on tour

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A group of bowlers from more than eight different bowls clubs in Bedfordshire recently went on tour to Bournemouth for five days of fun and Indoor Bowls.

On Monday, February 13, a warm welcome was received on arriving for the first match at Loddon Vale Bowls Club on the way to Bournemouth. After a bite to eat and drink the game got under way. 9 mixed rinks enjoyed a good afternoon of bowls, finishing with just one winning rink and one rink drawing.

The final score being a 128 – 177 defeat for the tourist’s.

Top rink of the afternoon being G Cousens, J Bigley, B Humberstone and D Nutting and the highest losing rink was M Harper, C Rowlands, I Bigley and A Gilbert.

On Tuesday February 14, 6 mixed rinks along with supporters headed into Weymouth to play Moonfleet 2000, on a pleasant sunny afternoon some headed to the beach while the rest headed indoors for the bowls. Again a pleasant afternoon of bowls and good company was enjoyed on the green with some very good bowling.

After the game the players sat down for a drink and chat with the opposition before both captains made their presentations. Valentines Day had brought the Tourist’s their first win with four winning rinks and two losing rinks the final score was 114 – 107.

Top rink of the afternoon was J Gatward, A Walsh, P Denton and C Buck and the highest losing rink was L Walsh, A Doggett, T Butt and B Merrill.

With it being Valentines Day the dress for the evening was red and black, and with many taking part some strange looks came from the other guest’s in the hotel. A bottle of pink champagne was presented by that evenings compare to Sarah and Wayne Humberstone for their fancy dress of the King and Queen of Hearts.

On Wednesday 15th the bowlers enjoyed another sunny morning for a stroll and then a coffee on the Hotel veranda before departing for the short drive to Bournemouth Indoor Bowls Club. Nine mixed rinks enjoyed another good afternoon of bowls with good company and although the tourist’s only had one winning rink several others were close.

The final score being a win for Bournemouth 198 – 132.

Top rink of the afternoon was J Gatward, B Keech, J Lusignani and A Gilbert and the highest losing rink was L Walsh, B Rowlands, B Humberstone and D Cousens.

Thursday 16th saw the tourists head off along the road to Dorchester Bowls Club.

Very good company at a lovely bowls club saw some very good bowling and laughter on the green. As everyone gathered in the Clubhouse afterwards for refreshments and conversations the announcement of another defeat was made this time by the slender margin of 103 – 109. The top rink of the afternoon was M Acland, J Bigley, R Oldfield and B Merrill and the highest losing rink M Buck, B Rowlands, A Walsh and A Gilbert.

The Bonus ball was also run for the Wednesday lottery and the lucky winner was B Merrill.

Each day a tote was run for the top rink on the day and again this proved very popular with many people picking up winnings each day.

Many thanks to all that supported us on tour again this year and we look forward to seeing you all again for the 2013 Tour.


Bowlers on Tour 128 Loddon Vale Bowls Club 177

M Buck, A Doggett, P Gilbert, D Endersby 10 Loddon Vale 25

J Gatward, G Broomfield, A Nutting, B Merrill 14 Loddon Vale 19

L Broomfield, B Rowlands, B Keech, J Cheesbrough 11 Loddon Vale 22

T Butt, R Shaw, J Lusignani, C Buck 13 Loddon Vale 20

M Acland, W Cheesbrough, R Oldfield, W Humberstone 18 Loddon Vale 18

V Shaw, J Humberstone, D Sherriffs, D Cousens 18 Loddon Vale 25

G Cousens, J Bigley, B Humberstone, D Nutting 29 Loddon Vale 11

M Harper, C Rowlands, I Bigley, A Gilbert 15 Loddon Vale 37

Bowlers on Tour 114 Moonfleet 2000 Bowls Club 107

L Broomfield, B Keech, I Bigley, D Nutting 17 Moonfleet 16

V Shaw, G Broomfield, W Cheesbrough, P Gilbert 17 Moonfleet 15

M Buck, J Bigley, J Cheesbrough, A Nutting 15 Moonfleet 24

L Walsh, A Doggett, T Butt, B Merrill 15 Moonfleet 26

J Gatward, A Walsh, P Denton, C Buck 27 Moonfleet 11

M Denton, R Shaw, R Oldfield, A Gilbert 23 Moonfleet 15

Bowlers on Tour 132 Bournemouth Bowls Club 197

M Acland, G Broomfield, I Bigley, D Endersby 16 Bournemouth 18

V Shaw, A Doggett, J Cheesbrough, P Denton 17 Bournemouth 18

M Harper, J Bigley, D Sherriffs, W Humberstone 11 Bournemouth 20

L Walsh, B Rowlands, B Humberstone, D Cousens 8 Bournemouth 36

L Broomfield, R Shaw, A Nutting, P Gilbert 16 Bournemouth 17

M Buck, M Denton, W Cheesbrough, D Nutting 17 Bournemouth 20

J Gatward, B Keech, J Lusignani, A Gilbert 20 Bournemouth 19

G Cousens, C Rowlands, R Oldfield, C Buck 17 Bournemouth 20

J Sherriffs, J Humberstone, A Walsh, B Merrill 10 Bournemouth 29

Bowlers on Tour 103 Dorchester Bowls Club 109

T Butt, A Doggett, I Bigley, W Humberstone 23 Dorchester 9

M Acland, J Bigley, R Oldfield, B Merrill 31 Bournemouth 8

M Denton, B Keech, D Sherriffs, C Buck 13 Dorchester 22

M Buck, B Rowlands, A Walsh, A Gilbert 11 Dorchester 28

L Walsh, J Humberstone, J Lusignani, P Gilbert 10 Dorchester 25

J Sherriffs, C Rowlands, B Humberstone, P Denton 15 Dorchester 17