Definitely catch this if you can as Dallas soap star Patrick Duffy stars at Milton Keynes Theatre

Dallas legend Patrick Duffy has arrived at Milton Keynes Theatre to star in the classic thriller Catch Me If You Can.
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He, of course, made his name around the world back in the 80s as Bobby Ewing in the long-running drama and I’m delighted to say his latest role sees him dealing with as many plot twists and turns in one night as dastardly brother JR could ever throw at him in the US soap – and this time no-one’s going to wake up in the morning to find out it was all a dream!

This is a mystery that has you scratching your head at what on earth might be going on from start to finish thanks to the clever storyline and excellent performances from the key characters

Duffy as Daniel Corban stars alongside Linda Purl (Happy Days; Homeland) who plays wife Elizabeth Corban, with Gray O’Brien (Peak Practice; Coronation Street) as Inspector Levine.

Catch Me If You Can (Photo by Jack Merriman)Catch Me If You Can (Photo by Jack Merriman)
Catch Me If You Can (Photo by Jack Merriman)

The inspector is called to a house in the remote mountains to investigate the disappearance of newly-married Elizabeth Corban. The policeman’s dialogue is interspersed with some great moments of dry humour and sarcasm – such as when he informs Daniel, who says he had recently had a row with his missing bride, that there’s “bad news… in 96% of cases they come back!”

The first surprising development is when Elizabeth suddenly returns. Her husband seems shocked and insists rather bafflingly to the inspector, plus local clergyman Father Kelleher, that this woman is actually not the new Mrs Corban.

It’s a bewildering scenario as Elizabeth knows the answers to personal questions, such as location of a scar on his body and the name of a hotel they stayed in recently, so surely she must be his wife.

As doubt is cast on Daniel’s sanity, the plot takes a more sinister turn and Duffy expertly portrays a sense of desperation and frustration that no-one is listening to him.

Catch Me If You Can (Photo by Jack Merriman)Catch Me If You Can (Photo by Jack Merriman)
Catch Me If You Can (Photo by Jack Merriman)

There’s talk of cashing in on a life insurance policy, the prospect of a huge inheritance, poisoning, a stabbing, loud gunshots (I jumped twice!) and much more to add to the intrigue. But to go into too much details would spoil the fun for anyone thinking of booking their tickets.

And if you ever wondered what happened to the moose head from The Germans episode of 70s sitcom Fawlty Towers, well the producers seem to have dusted it down (or found a very similar one) ready for Sidney the sandwich man (Hugh Futcher) to have a conversation with it in true Major Gowen style!

Catch this play if you can before its run at Milton Keynes Theatre finishes on Saturday (April 9). It’d be a mystery to me if you decided to give it a miss.

For tickets call 0844 871 7615 or click here.

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