Puppetry Of The Penis 3D (review)

FROM the land that gave us Skippy, dwarf tossing and Crocodile Dundee comes a show to The Grove featuring men famous for just one thing - using their genitalia to fashion a range of weird and wonderful shapes.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 6th December 2011, 10:19 am

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but the diversity of the audience at the venue surprised me. Besides the usual range of women’s groups there were families (with over-18 offspring) and pensioners. I had no idea Dunstable was so broad minded.

The PoP guys, a handsome American called Rich and the Aussie, Fitchy, specialise in the type of origami that is rarely practised outside the privacy of a bedroom but it’s become a cult hit and no wonder. It’s eye-wateringly funny.

Their warm-up, comedienne Jackie Clune, did a 30 minute near-the-knuckle set and warned everyone to expect “in your face comedy”. Later on, during the main show, one girl, sitting in the front row and celebrating her 18th birthday, was on the receiving end of that in your face “comedy” when a naked Rich did a handstand in front of her and performed “a fruit bat.” She was shocked but perhaps more so when she found an incriminating picture had been taken and would later be posted on the show’s website.

After a break Rich and Fitchy came on in cloak and trainers, and nothing else to perform a 50 minute set in which they manipulated their tackle into an “array of installations for your viewing pleasure.”

This was aided by a 3D element tossed into the mix. This entailed the audience wearing silly glasses and watching CGI graphics which featured the projected origami shape.

The pair performed The pelican, The snail, the brain and lots more. They toured the world with The Loch Ness Monster, Ayers Rock and we even got an eyeful of the Tour Eiffel. As much as it made you wince it was an oddly funny show.

At the end the guys put on some clothes and flogged their latest book which shows ambitious and dexterous guys how to perform their manoeuvres and if anyone gets really good at it, they’re always looking to recruit more performers. Check out their website for details.

Don’t say The Grove doesn’t cater for all tastes.