Gravenhurst plans go-ahead - the latest in planning news in Chronicle country

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Struggling to keep up to date with the major planning applications currently hitting Chronicle Country?

Welcome to our column of what’s planned, what’s been approved and what’s heading down the pipeline in the area.

Wednesday’s Development Control committee added more homes to the list of new developments in Chronicle country.

24 new homes for land of Barton Road in Gravenhurst were approved despite strong opposition from the parish council and 17 objections from residents.

The parish council was concerned the proposal from Grand Union Housing, which is at the back of houses on Bedford Road, would be overbearing.

August applications:

> Stockbridge Road, Henlow 45 dwellings.

> New Road, Clifton 130 dwellings,

In the pipeline:

> Up to 228 homes Sunderland Road, Sandy.

> Land at Bonds Lane and Foundry Lane Biggleswade, 50 apartments.

> Loft Farm and west of Church Street, Langford, Outline plans for up to 95 dwellings.

> Hitchin Road, Shefford, Outline plans for up to 150 homes.

> Arlesey Road, Stotfold, 161 dwellings.

> Land between 21 and 39 Thorncote Road Northill, outline plans for 10 dwellings.

> Baden Powell Way, Biggleswade, full planning bid for 240 homes plus outline plans for 1,260 dwellings.

Total seeking approval so far in August - 175. Approved 24.

Total seeking approval so far in July – 2,194.

The total of approved homes and outline plans for June/July is 1,010.