It’s business as usual despite the loss of stalls

Biggleswade Market ENGPNL00120140131164845
Biggleswade Market ENGPNL00120140131164845

Concerns over the future of a market have been allayed by the town council.

Biggleswade market traders will no longer be provided with stalls but the town council – but the council says that it will still be business as usual.

Market goer Philip Marsom this week contacted the Chronicle to express his fears that the move could cause the market to close down.

He said: “Some of these people travel a long distance, and to put a stall on top of all their goods will be difficult. We are going to lose the market, which brings people into the town.”

He also noted that some regular stalls were missing from the market.

But town clerk Rob McGregor said the decision had been made last summer, and no objections had been raised by market traders.

He explained: “The market stall erectors get the same amount of money whether they put up one stall or 12 and it was costing us a significant amount of money while the number of stalls was getting less and less.

“We wrote to the market traders telling them that from April 1 we would not be providing stalls. We had no feedback at all until a week ago when one or two said they had concerns.

“However, we have now overcome those concerns.”

Biggleswade hosts markets on Saturdays and Tuesdays, with a farmers market every third Wednesday.