Sandye Place is now officially an asset

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The value to Sandy of Sandye Place has been recognised, following a successful application by the Sandy Historical Research Group to have the building and land listed as an Asset of Community Value.

With the support of Sandy Town Council, the Historical Research Group recently submitted a case to show how important the facilities at Sandye Place are and could continue to be to the community.

Central Bedfordshire Council has now confirmed that the case provided by the application met the required definition of an Asset of Community Value and have accepted the nomination for the site, on Park Road, Sandy to be listed on the council’s register of Assets of Community Value.

An Asset of Community Value is defined as a building or other land for which the main use has recently or presently been to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community, and could do so in the future whether in the same way or different ways. Once an asset is listed, nothing further will happen unless the owner of that asset decides to dispose of it. If this becomes the case the owner is required to notify the council, and the council is then required to notify the applicants and community.

Richard Barlow, Secretary of the Sandy Historical Research Group, said: “Sandye Place is a historic site right in the heart of our town, and the whole community has an interest in preserving the opportunities for sport, recreation, and public events which it provides. Gaining Asset of Community Value status for Sandye Place means that any proposal to sell the site will trigger an opportunity for the Sandy community to discuss and debate the matter.”

The successful application was discussed at a meeting of Sandy Town Council’s Community Services and Environment Committee on 19 November. Members expressed their pleasure that the application had been approved, and that the value of Sandye Place was recognised.