Back to nature for walk to school week

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Schools throughout Chronicle country have been getting active on their way to school during ‘Walk to School Week’.

During the week, from 21-25 May. Central Bedfordshire Council supported over 2,000 local pupils in the borough by supplying classes with Walk to School Week resource packs.

This year local children and parents took part in the ‘Walking Roots’ national challenge that explored the diverse ecosystem of a tree over a five-day period. Pupils who walked to school added a sticker each day to their classroom activity tree. Each sticker helped to bring the tree to life: from the roots and the trunk, to the colourful leaves and blossoming flowers.

Activity diaries for both children and their parents focused on the importance of nature and the benefits of walking. All pupils who took part in Walk to School Week were rewarded with a celebration badge.

Councillor Nigel Young, Executive Member for Regeneration at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “Walking is a brilliant way to get active and healthy, and to see the lovely nature that we’re blessed with in Central Bedfordshire. It’s also a great opportunity for children to learn vital road safety skills and make sure they’re alert and ready to learn at the start of each school day.

“Nationally the proportion of children walking and cycling to school has declined, with the number being driven to their primary school increasing each year. Yet the average primary school journey is just 1.6 miles – the perfect distance to cycle, scooter or walk instead. As well as the individual health benefits for parents and pupils, schools that encourage walking can find that their entrances and surrounding streets are less congested during peak times, which improves local air quality and provides a safer environment.”