Etonbury in Arlesey reports ‘stunning’ first-ever set of GCSE results

Etonbury GCSEs
Etonbury GCSEs

Etonbury Academy in Arlesey is proud to announce news of their first-ever set of GCSE results.

After initially setting up Key Stage 4 in 2016 and undertaking monumental changes in almost all areas over the past three years, the school says it is absolutely delighted with the effort, attainment and progress of its Year 11 students.

Mr Baga, Assistant Principal, said: “These are stunning results and they reflect the hard work of all the students, teachers and supportive parents.”

Mr Evason, Principal, said “I would personally like to congratulate all the students, staff and parents here at Etonbury for their hard work over the last 5 years, culminating in today’s nervously-awaited results.

“As a school, we have seen some amazing individual grades as well as some exceptional performances from subject areas. We are delighted with the fantastic progress the students have made.”

Highlights include:

> 100% pass rate at grade 4 and above in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Latin and Sociology.

> The provisional progress 8 measure is positive at 0.14.

> 99% pass rate in English, Maths and Science.

A special mention for the following students:

> Matthew Christopher who achieved 9 grade 9’s and a grade 8.

> Katherine Gendron, Oliver Daniells, Shannon Hollis, James Kolek and Zhe Long Ou achieved 36 grades of 7,8 and 9 between them.

> Maisie Western, Roman Bharj, Aaron Bharj, Jack Puttock and Kyle Miller for their outstanding progress scores.

The school is delighted with the results and says it has set a benchmark that will be the foundation for its future successes.