High hopes for Future Foresters at Shuttleworth College

Celia during filming.
Celia during filming.

Shuttleworth College was proud to hold a ‘Future Foresters Skills Day’, promoting the bright opportunities available in the industry.

Organised by the Royal Forestry Society (RFS), speakers and exhibitors gathered to reveal the skills required to land a first job; help employers optimise advances in technology; move up the careers ladder; and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

RFS chief executive Simon Lloyd, said: “Forestry is increasingly recognised as a major contributor to climate change mitigation.

“To grow trees on a scale being planned by the government, as well as adapting our existing woodland to climate change, will require a very substantial up-skilling of the forestry sector.

“We were delighted to see students, apprentices and young foresters come together to experience some of the latest in technology, from virtual reality chainsaws to hands-on climbing equipment and tree care.”

Shuttleworth student Celia Woodward, an arborist apprentice, said: “It was really helpful, we learned about new developments in root care and ways to prevent disease. I’d recommend anyone to go for an apprenticeship, you never know what you are capable of.”