Motorcyclists’ learn how to manage a biker accident

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service motorcycling course PNL-160524-105233001
Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service motorcycling course PNL-160524-105233001

Bikers and motorcycle clubs are being offered free training on what to do if they come across a fellow biker who has had an accident.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue service is running courses throughout the county on how to help a “biker down”.

Dealing with injured riders needs to be done in a specific way in order not to cause further injury, particularly by removing a crash helmet unnecessarily, or in the wrong way.

Each course lasts about four hours and cover crash scene management, first aid and care of a casualty, and tips on safer riding.

Watch Commander Martin Smith, one of the trainers, said: “Whether you ride your motorbike with a group of friends or on your own, there may be a time when you are the first person at the scene of a fallen biker.

“You can do a lot of good if you know how to help them in the proper way, but also you can do a lot of damage if you don’t!

“This course shows bikers of all ages and abilities how to cope in an emergency and how to help their fellow bikers in the best possible ways.”

He added: “This course should interest both new bikers and experienced ones and should help all those who ride motorbikes stay safe and be able to really help others if they come across an incident involving a biker.”

“Biker Down!” courses run throughout the summer at Shefford Community Fire Station. The next one is on Saturday 28 May from 10am to 2pm and then once a month during the rest of the year. Anyone who would like more information, or to book a place, should contact:

Full details of courses are on the Bedfordshire Fire Bike Facebook page and