Petition calls for 'urgently needed' pedestrian crossing outside Everton primary school

Residents and councillors have joined forces to demand Central Beds Council install a pedestrian crossing outside a village school.

By News Reporter
Monday, 1st August 2022, 5:43 pm
Updated Monday, 1st August 2022, 5:51 pm

The petition states the crossing is urgently needed due to the volume of heavy good vehicles travelling along the busy Potton Road and past Everton Heath Primary School.

The petition has the support of parents, teachers, the parish council and ward members.

Local Independent ward councillor Adam Zerny explained: “In recent years, Central Beds Council has approved a series of planning applications permitting further works at the Breedon quarry on Heath Road, Potton.

Residents have signed a petition calling for a crossing outside Everton Heath Primary School

“The permissions endorse dozens of fully-laden quarry trucks driving through the village of Everton six days a week. These lorries roll straight past the village's primary school which has no crossing outside. It needs one."

Fellow ward councillor, Tracey Wye, added: "We have pointed out to Central Beds Council that given the houses the council wants to approve in the village, the school will keep growing and children will continue to be crossing the road on numerous occasions during, before and after the school day."

However Central Beds Council previously told ward councillors "the speed and traffic volume data for this location does not support an intervention currently".

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Cllr Zerny added: "CBC has provided me with no evidence for its assertion that speeds through the village are low.

“Indeed the Everton Speed watch group recently found more than 20per cent of vehicles heading through the village were exceeding 36mph. And this was with three people in hi-vis jackets who could be seen 100 metres away."

A petition has now been set up, which you can sign online here.

Cllr Zerny added: If the petition gains more than 10 signatures, Central Beds Council will have to re-consider the subject at a special Traffic Management meeting which residents will be able to attend.

“You can sign the ePetition if you live, work or study in Central Bedfordshire so it is not limited just to those who live in the village.

“You only need to provide your name, email address and postcode.”

A spokesman for Central Beds Council said: “We take road safety in Central Bedfordshire extremely seriously and once this petition is submitted, we would be happy to review and consider it at our Traffic Management Meeting.”