Praise for head of Stotfold school


Teamwork at a Stotfold school has seen it leap up the Ofsted league.

The latest report on St Mary’s C of E Academy has revealed significant improvement say inspectors.

The school on Rook Tree Lane in Stotfold, had been judged as ‘requires improvement’ at its last inspector.

But Ofsted at an inspection in May this year found that “this school has improved quickly because leaders and teachers have worked together successfully and improved the quality of teaching and pupils’ progress.”

Inspectors found teaching and learning was good across the school.

“Where improvement was required at the last inspection, effective teaching has helped groups of pupils to catch up, particularly boys, disadvantaged pupils and the most able.”

Headteacher Sam Bishop was praised for her: “highly effective leadership and has firmly raised expectations about the school’s performacner.

“Teachers’ morale is high. They are extremely hard working and accept the challenge of raising the quality of teaching and improving pupils’progress, reported the inspectors.

Pupils’ personal development was also an asset with children being aware how their country is changed owing to immigration and they show respect for different people.

“They are sympathetic to the experiences of war refugees and less fortunate people in developing countries, said inspectors.

Pupils were also praised for their conduct at all times and that their attitudes to learning are positive and they are eager to learn.

The school has now been told it needs to focus on improving maths teaching at key stage 1 with closer attention to those pupils who need the most help to make a confident start to their work, and develop written skills in religious education and geography.

The school, which has around 229 pupils aged between 4-9, converted to an academy in 2012.