Stratton Upper School celebrate impressive results

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With the landscape of the newly reformed GCSE grades a very hot national topic, Roz Hodges, Interim Headteacher at Stratton Upper School said she was delighted that their hard working students have been richly rewarded with some very impressive outcomes.

The more rigorous grading system means that students are awarded a grade from 1 to 9 for most subjects, replacing the old system of A*-G and with that in mind Alun Evans, Assistant Headteacher in charge of Key Stage 4, named a number of students who should feel very proud of an incredibly impressive set of results and which are rightly deserved as a result of dedication and commitment to their studies.

Stratton students who achieved an average grade of 8 or higher (equivalent to an old A* grade) across all their subjects include: Emilia Dell’Anno, Jemima Finch, Isobel Frost, James Hogben, Sian Roberts, Daniel Smith, Maria Vasconcelos De Souza, Callum Watson and Jack Welsted.

The following students also deserve a mention for achieving an average grade of 7 or better (equivalent to an old A grade) across all subjects: Andrew Barnes, Sophie Barton, Joanna Binns, Lonyin Chan, Manu Chapman, Euan Docherty, Evelyn Howe, Ava Kernan, Anna Temple, 
Lauren Webb, Kate Welton, Louis Winwood and Harvey Young.

Mr Evans said: “Whilst these students quite rightly deserve to be praised, we would also like to recognise all our students who have worked incredibly hard to obtain the grades they have achieved. It is very true to say that hard work is well rewarded and this has certainly proven to be the case this year. As a school we appreciate the stress and anxiety the new GCSE specifications have placed on our students over the past two years and we are proud of the maturity and resilience that they have shown.’

Roz Hodges said that next year all GCSE subjects will be under the new specifications and grading system and that the school is looking forward to a more stable exams process moving forward.

She went on to say that she and the staff are very excited and motivated to be taking Stratton into a new era which she is certain will see the school move from strength to strength in the future.