Uncovering the past in Sandy

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Archaeologists working on the archaeological excavation at the site of Sandy Town Council’s cemetery extension held a drop-in evening last week.

Members of the public were invited to walk around the site and hear about the finds and revelations the project has uncovered so far.

More than 70 people attended the open evening to hear from on-site archaeologists.

The excavation is only part way through and a further larger scale open day will be held during the second phase of the excavation within the next few weeks. At this point archaeologists will have a better picture and understanding of the entire site. Members of the public will be welcome to visit the site for a tour and speak with the archaeologists.

As previously reported, a requirement was placed on the town council to complete a full archaeological excavation of this site as part of the development of the council’s cemetery extension. Due to previous important archaeological finds in the area and the future use of this site for burial, Central Bedfordshire Council made the completion of an excavation a condition of planning permission. Development of the site without the required excavation would be a breach in planning regulations.

Finds from previous excavations carried out in the town’s cemetery between 1988 and 1991 can be seen in the Roman Sandy exhibit located at the town council offices and in Bedford Museum, finds from the 19th century are on display in the archaeological gallery. Members of the public are welcome to visit the Roman Sandy exhibition during Town Council opening hours.