Biggleswade man and Mazda take on Screwball Rally for veterans’ charity

The Mazda and the tent.
The Mazda and the tent.

A determined Biggleswade train driver is taking on the rally of a lifetime to help a charity close to his heart.

Yesterday morning, Gadge Grocott, 50, along with his pal Graham Pittaway, 54, set off on the Screwball Rally, an intrepid road trip across Europe.

Gadge and Graham

Gadge and Graham

Gadge and Graham will be completing their mission in a Mazda MX5 MK1, 1.8si,hoping to raise as much as possible for Mission Motorsport, who help with the recovery and rehabilitation of soldiers and veterans.

Gadge said: “The idea is you buy an absolute scrapper, full of rust, no brakes, falling apart, and fix it up for the rally. You travel 1,600 miles in five days in a car under £700. Cars have even not made it on the first day!

“It’s not a race. You get given the co-ordinates for your next campsite, and you make your way via any route you want. Other drivers will say, ‘Hey, we’re going to Colditz on the way, do you want to come with us?’”

The pair will be going to Ashford, Strasbourg, Bern, Morvan, Luxemburg, and Calais, finishing the journey on September 23.

But the ride has a personal meaning to Gadge, who used to be in the Royal Navy, and to Graham, who is medically retired and used to be in the Army.

Gadge said: “Mission Motorsport are currently working with a good friend of mine. We visited their headquarters, and met some fantastic and committed people, who genuinely care about our veterans.”

The charity offers sports, training, and other opportunities in the motor industry, and all the money raised will be going to the charity.

The duo also thanked their sponsors Urban and Rural and Constant and Co.

To donate:

Gadge and Graham have raised £770 raised so far.