Biggleswade mum takes on fitness fundraiser in memory of daughter Hannah

A kindhearted Biggleswade mum is taking on a fitness fundraiser to thank Keech Hospice Care for the wonderful support they gave to her late daughter, Hannah.

Christine Thomson, 37, is on a mission to raise £3,500 for the charity to give something back, after the “amazing help” they gave to her family when little Hannah was poorly.

Left: Christine and Lisa. Right: Hannah

Left: Christine and Lisa. Right: Hannah

Hannah was born with a neurological condition, and had epilepsy, cortical visual impairment, and global development delay.

Sadly, the brain condition led to her slowly deteriorating and unfortunately on the September 9, 2016, Hannah died aged just four-years-old.

Christine said: “Hannah was blind so she enjoyed the sound and feel of things. She was very cuddly and loved physical contact with people.

“When she giggled and smiled she would light up the room, and she loved to hear her big sister Bethan chat away.”

When Hannah was 18 months old Keech Hospice Care, Luton, became involved and co-ordinated her medical care.

Christine added: “Hannah loved stroking cats, so Keech brought in a lady with lots of different animals, and one of the last things we did as a family was feed elephants at Woburn Safari Park.”

Keech helped provide the family with respite, as well as end of life care, and after Hannah died the family were able to attend remembrance ceremonies and receive therapy.

Now, as a thank you, Christine is inviting residents to attend a back to back dance and fitness class for Keech Hospice Care at the Weatherley Centre, Biggleswade, from 5pm on November 1.

Christine said: “Obviously after Hannah died, one of the biggest things was mental health. I would go along to classes at Lisa Hillier Fitness, and it was great. It just takes you out of your headspace.

“Lisa had previously run fundraisers, including for Papworth Hospital, so I approached her and asked if she could do one for Keech. I’m so grateful to Lisa for giving up her time to arrange this.”

But that’s not it for Christine. In October 2020 she will be trekking the Great Wall of China with the charity in the hope of gaining more donations – so watch this space!

Tickets: £6 per class or £20 for all four classes.

To purchase a ticket, contact: 07782100376 or

To donate: