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Health news

We can today reveal a list of the best and worst GP surgeries in Chronicle country based on ratings provided by patients on how likely they are to recommend their practice.

The information is available on the NHS Choices website, and is based on responses provided in the GP Patient Survey. The survey is sent out twice a year to around 1.36 million adults who are registered with a GP in England.

Here is the list of the best and worst surgeries in the Chronicle country, based on the percentage of people who said they would recommend their GP surgery to others. The average across the Beds Clinical Commissioning Group is 77%, which is top rated

1. Ivel Medical Centre, Chestnut Avenue, 95.8%

2. Shefford Health Centre, Robert Lucas Drive, 91.2%

3. Sunnyhill Healthcare CIC, High Street, Arlesey, 88%

4. Saffron Road surgery, Biggleswade Health Centre, 86.1%

5. Dr Kirkham and Partners, Church Street, Biggleswade, 86.1%

6. The Hawthorns, Station Road, Lower Stondon, 82%

7. Greensands Potton, Brook End, Sandy, Potton, 80.2%

8. Dr Heslop and Partners, The Medical Centre, Stocks Lane, Gamlingay, 80.2%

9. Kings Road Surgery, Kings Road, Sandy, 73.2%

10. Larksfield Surgery Medical Partnership, Arlesey Road, Stotfold, 73%

11. Great Barford Surgery, Silver Street, Great Barford, 71.1%

12. Sandy Health Centre, Northcroft, Sandy, 60.6%

Of ther Sandy health centre, patients seem torn over the quality of the care they receive.

One person said: “treated like cattle, when seen by a Dr its very hit and miss and you are made to feel that you’re not worth their time or you are made to feel that the tablets or treatment you are having is costing a lot of money and feel that you cant talk to them about problems.”

But another said: “I’ve been very happy with the service I’ve received here. Whenever my family have had an emergency or needed to see the doctor urgently we have always been seen quickly. The reception staff are friendly and a couple of doctors in particular are very thorough. 50% of appointments are prebookable and 50% released on the day. The ones released on the day are not emergency appointments. A seperate afternoon energency clinic is run. My only issue with the surgery is that it is often difficult getting through on the phones at 8am due to high demand and sometimes all the appointments have gone for the day. However, on those days, I was offered a doctor phone appointment and they assessed if I needed to see someone that day or not. If I did; an appointment was found for me.”