End of an era

Potato Packing Plant Langford 1994 PNL-150704-130231001
Potato Packing Plant Langford 1994 PNL-150704-130231001

This haunting photograph taken by Peter Felstead shows the aftermath of a fire at Fenmarc Produce in 1994, a potato-packing plant and warehouse in Mill Lane, Langford.

Fire fighters had battled for hours to get the blaze under control but despite their best efforts, the 30-metre long building was partially gutted and the potato stock destroyed with damage estimated at £250,000.

At the time, forensic experts were still trying to work out what caused the fire but police confirmed that it was arson. Several witnesses had reported seeing a man on a red mountain bike in Mill Lane at around midnight, shortly before the fire brigade was called.

Two people were later arrested in connection with the fire but released without charge.

The warehouse had employed around 30 people. Some of the potato packing work was relocated to Bedfordshire Growers in Potton Road, Biggleswade.