Fancy dress for VE Day celebrations

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It would seem that a rainy but joyous Victory in Europe day in Stotfold on May 8, 1945 brought out every child in the village for a fancy dress party to celebrate, including Micky Mouse, nurses and a little fireman complete with his engine!

This photograph belongs to Mr Robert Brown who is now 91 and it was kindly brought in by his daughter Carol Finch, who grew up on what was then her father’s farm, Bury Farm, Stotfold.

Mr Brown was still away serving in the air force at the time the picture was taken. And an astounding 70 of the children have been named.

Although a key was helpfully included, unfortunately it is difficult to reproduce here so we cannot pinpoint everyone in the photograph exactly as there are so many crammed into the shot.

However, featured in the picture are: Phyllis Randall, Mrs Smith of St Mary’s Avenue, Richard Hill, Bill Cutler, Mr Shooter, John Patrick, Phyllis Patrick, Margaret Hills, Joan Brookes, June Rowland, Nell Reeves, Mary Darge, Sheila Presland, Sylvia Shepherd, Olive Rutt, Gill Patrick, Margaret Patrick, Pamela Shepherd, Mrs Busby, Robert Busby, Eileen Dear, Joyce Goodwin, Robert Patrick, Eileen Sole, Stuart Cooper, Philip Mehew, Lorna Ruddick, Carrie Fye, Glynis Trussel, Doris Chambers, Mrs Trussel, Pamela Shepherd, Sylvia Bilcock, Valerie Noon, Myrtle Pearmain, Molly Davis, Norma Breacher, Joe McDonald, Mrs Darge, Mr Darge, Sheila Baines, Janet Shepherd, Mr Mac Brown, Ann Jeffs, Mary Smith, Mary Leonard, Barbara Carter, Janet Cook, Pat Howard, Margaret Darge, Mary Breacher, Constance Hilditch, Betty Bacon, Josie Clark, Josie Gentle, Pamela Childs, Jean Carpenter, Jacynith Short, Mrs B Dear, Janet Wilshire, Douglas Carbot, Betty Roberts, Robert Gentle, Basil Sharp, Margaret Albone, Ralpe Hilditch, Mr Humphreys, Gill Larkins, Janice Crowhurst, Wendy Seaby, Margaret Wilshire, Mrs Noon, Bobby Howard, Rosie Dodson, Margaret Shiels, Joyce Wilson and Tom Carter.

Perhaps you recognise yourself also or remember the day?

Many thanks go to Mr Brown and his daughter for sharing this fantastic photograph.