When traders won battle for market square

Potton traders won their battle to save the town’s market square 25 years ago this week.

Plans drawn up by county council surveyors wanted to cut parking spaces and introduce a new one-way system that was set to narrow roads by 50%. But the plans were scrapped before they reached consultation because of the strength of objection from shop keepers.

“No further action will be take regarding the plans” said county hall spokesman at the time, and Lyndsay Bygraves, chairman of the traders said that “someone, somewhere has seen sense. Not one trader in the market square wanted these plans to go ahead.”

Sir Nicholas Lyell, Solicitor General and Mid Beds MP had written to county hall asking for the plans to be reconsidered and he subsequently praised county bosses for their response, saying: “Places like Potton should never be changed, they need to keep their individual identity”.