£10,ooo reward for arson attack information

Robin Dickerson lost everything in a fire last February
Robin Dickerson lost everything in a fire last February

A man who lost everything when his home was completely destroyed by arsonists a year ago is offering a £10,000 reward for information which may lead to a conviction.

Robin Dickerson, of KneesWorth Road in Meldreth is determined to get justice after £70,000 worth of damage was done to his property.

It is believed the perpetrator could be living in Chronicle Country.

Mr Dickerson said: “I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw the fire.

“Smoke was smothering the landscape and everyone was panicking.

“My son called me to tell me the barn was on fire and by the time I arrived there were three fire engines and five police cars on the scene.”

Mr Dickerson lost one of his sons Nigel in 2002 and photographs of him were destroyed in the blaze.

His dogs were also stolen by the arsonists and he has not managed to get them back in the year since.

He said: “It was a traumatic time for me. I lost all my son’s memorabilia and my dogs. All I had left was the clothes I was wearing at the time.”

Firefighters including one crew from Gamlingay tackled the blaze for more than three hours but were unable to salvage anything that was inside the barn.

For the past 12 months Mr Dickerson has been living in a caravan on the site of his farm and at the end of January he finally moved back into his property although a lot of work still needs to be done.

He said: “At the time of the fire I was absolutely livid but now I am focused on getting justice so we can start to move on from this terrible event.”

The police investigation into the arson attack is still ongoing but if you have any information Mr Dickerson would like you to contact him personally on 07716 646640.