A happy end for horrific house hunt?

I can’t help it, but this week I have done little other than daydream about interior decoration and soft furnishings.

After what feels like months of looking for a new home for hubby, baby Clara and the two teenagers (our cats), we have finally had an offer accepted.

The search took in the sublime but over-priced dream house, the smelly but spacious repossession (‘Don’t open that door, you might find the previous tenant,’ hubby said as I investigated the airing cupboard) and the stunning new-build with a view into ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ garden next door (‘It looks like the set of a horror movie,’ said hubby, putting paid to any notion I could live there. Horror is so NOT my thing).

Therefore when we eventually found what appears to be a perfect family home in excellent condition, that is not dark, smelly, over-priced or next door to Steptoe’s yard, I couldn’t help but get a little excited.

Now I’m keeping everything crossed the purchase goes through as it should. After all, this place actually has room for the treadmill I bought off eBay when eight months pregnant and full of misplaced optimism about getting back into my size 12 jeans (nope, more than a year on I am still a size 14 and the treadmill is gathering dust in my parents’ garage).

- I was sad to hear on Monday that one of my favourite Bury shops will close in January.

I have had many a happy browse in Raspberry Rascals since falling pregnant.

I used the sling library to find the right carrier when Clara was four weeks old, I’ve bought beautiful new wooden baby toys, purchased a second-hand unisex romper for £2 when I didn’t know if I was having a boy or girl, and I’ve sold bits and bobs as Clara has outgrown them.

Bury is lacking in baby retailers, particularly at this time of year when Boots clears its mum and baby section in favour of gifts. So I can’t understand why the treasure trove that is Raspberry Rascals hasn’t been inundated with customers. But it’s a classic case of ‘use it, or lose it’. I haven’t always walked the extra couple of minutes to Langton Place and now I will pay the price when the shop is gone.