Academy choir a big hit

Biggleswade Academy choir perform
Biggleswade Academy choir perform

Biggleswade Academy Choir members performed with Shannon Express and Park Street as part of an evening of romantic harmonies at Stratton Upper School last Saturday.

Nine members of the Key Stage 3 Choir were extremely nervous and excited to see so many people in the audience awaiting their performance.

They were reduced in numbers as half the choir had left that day to go on the school ski trip.

They were determined to put on the best show they 
possibly could, led by the Head of Creative Arts, Cate Lawson.

The choir sang songs including the Beatle’s Classic, All You Need Is Love, Come What May from Moulin Rouge and Katy Perry’s smash hit Firework.

Mrs Lawson said: “They sang brilliantly and made me as well as their parents very proud.

“Their smiles in the photo tell it all really.”

The choir was then able to watch Shannon Express perform.

Mrs Lawson added: “The choir loved watching them sing, they enjoyed the energy that they put into their performance and are keen to include some choreography in some of their own songs in the future.”

The choir has had a busy season as it was part of a massed choirs event at St Paul’s Cathedral before Christmas to raise money for Barnado’s

Members also sang as part of the Christmas Fair in Biggleswade.

The choir is currently rehearsing for the School’s Spring Festival of Music on March 18 and a Joint Schools Concert with schools from across Chronicle Country.

Biggleswade Academy isgrateful to Shannon Express and Park Street for inviting them to take part in such a prestigious and wonderful event.